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We broke down all the steps to make it more transparent

General EXplanation

Depending on the conditions the buyer makes the contract subject to and weather you are a foreign investor or not, can have a big impact on the actual time frame of the process. Nevertheless, the  following timeline is a good indicator of the process.

If you click learn more in any category, you will find a more in depth explanation of each individual step.

Buying Process

  • Searching for the right property

    Make clear to yourself, what you are looking for and what your budget is.

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  • Making an Offer

    Decide on:

    • Offerprice
    • Terms and Conditions

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  • Contract gets dated

    In case, you made the best offer, the seller enters into the contract with you “The contract gets dated” (if the buyer gives the final go ahead)


    We receive the initial deposit (at least 0.25% of purchase price)

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  • Cooling off Period

    From the day the contract got dated the contract is subject to the cooling off period

    (5 days)

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  • Conditions of the contract

    Contract Subject to:

    • Building and Pest Inspection
    • Pool safety inspection
    • Finance approval
    • Other special conditions 
    • Balance of deposit is due

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  • Contract becomes unconditional

    “presumed contract date”

    On the first business day after the satisfaction or waiver of the final special condition or clause the contract is unconditional.

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  • Final Inspection + Final Settlement

    On this day, the ownership will change and the buyer will receive the keys from the agency.

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