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Open homes & individual viewings

Information to exchange

  • Conduct access arrangements

  • Ensure that a key is available for inspections and viewings

  • Security system must be deactivated for inspections and viewings

  • Risks of an open for inspection – remove valuable things and check the policies with your insurer

  • Inspection and enquiry volume

Forms and documents

If the property is tenanted:

  • Get permission for each viewing from the tenant to conduct a viewing, if the tenant(s) does not grant permission:
    – We serve the RTA Form 9 (entry notice) to the tenant, for individual viewings (at least 24h notice for each individual viewing + forward a copy of the Form to the renting agent)
  • We need to get written permission from the tenant to conduct open houses/open for inspections, we complete and serve the tenant consent form (open houses/open for inspections can only be conducted, if the tenant(s) agrees, tenant must not agree)

Actions Seller

  • It is generally prefered that the seller, does not take part at the open for inspections (more comfort for “the buyer”)

  • Make sure the property is clean, safe and prepared for the inspections and viewings (light and temperature is also important)

At the agency

  • Prepare and conduct all appointments for the viewings and inspections
  • List the property on all agreed marketing options (online platforms, social media, newspaper..)
  • Contact potential buyers
  • Get in contact with the body corporate secretary or manager
  • Order disclosure statement and community management statement (CMS) if applicable
  • Prepare the sales contract of the property