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Offers from potential buyers

Information to exchange

  • The negotiating process

  • Update the seller(s) on serious offers I get from potential buyers (must be a signed written offer, on a contract document)

  • Examine and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each offer

  • Depending on the situation we might conduct a counter-offer

Forms and documents

  • Multiple offers notice (in case we get more than one offer)

Actions Seller

  • At some stage we have to make a decision on the best offer (it is usually good to tell all parties until when we make the final decision)

At the agency

  • We explain everything about the property and the contract to the potential buyers

  • We negotiate with the potential buyers in your best interest and fight for the best possible outcome (best price, terms and conditions)

  • We help you with the decision making process

  • Prepare progress reports

  • Get consent to receive electronic communication from the potential buyers

  • Prepare contracts + gather information for the contract (Buyers details, solicitor, terms and conditions on the contract…)

  • Check the ID of the potential buyer