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Second meeting & listing presentation

Information to exchange

  • Marketing plan and explanation of the different marketing options
  • The appropriate listing options, methods of selling  and the time-frame of appointment
  • Agencies commission
  • Information on the current property market, current influences on the price (can be positive or negative)
  • Price range for marketing of the property
  • Options to present the property in the best possible way: decluttering, cleaning, repairs, stylist, gardener, hydro cleaner
  • Appointments for example: the stylist, gardener, cleaner and the photographer and videographer
  • Open for inspections appointments (dates)
  • Establish a communications plan (prefered method of communication, progress reports, touchpoints)
  • Further contact details (e.g. solicitor, property manager, public liability insurer)
  • Discuss key situation (often times the seller provides a extra set of keys to agent)

Forms and documents

  • PO 6 Form Appointment of an Property Agent
  • Marketing Plan/Contract
  • If tenanted: notice of lessor’s intention to sell premises RTA Form 10 (send to the renting agent/if no renting agent, directly to the tenant)

Actions Seller

  • Transfer the money for the marketing costs to the agencies trust account
  • Depending on the situation, either the agency or the seller organizes for e.g. the Gardener or the Stylist
  • If you have a mortgage on your property, contact the lender and tell them that you intend to sell your property
  • Contact your insurance and ask them, if they cover the risks of an open for inspection on your property and that you intend to sell your property (do not cancel your insurance until final settlement!)
  • If the property is likely to sell over $750,000, obtain a clearance certificate from the Australian tax office (it can take up to 28 days to process) (Where there are multiple Australian resident vendors disposing of the asset, each vendor should apply for a separate clearance certificate in their name only.)

> Oceanside Property will provide you with the link to complete the form

At the agency

  • Prepare and conduct all appointments for the viewings and inspections
  • List the property on all agreed marketing options (online platforms, social media, newspaper..)
  • Contact potential buyers
  • Get in contact with the body corporate secretary or manager
  • Order disclosure statement and community management statement (CMS) if applicable
  • Prepare the sales contract of the property