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First meeting & inspection

Information to exchange

  • Property specifics: features, layout, light levels, neighborhood, positioning on the block, refurbishments and renovations
  • Photos, videos and measurements
  • Exclusions and Inclusions of items (for e.g. fridge and TV (including brand and model))
  • Furniture available to purchase (which ones and the price)
  • Current property market, current influences on the price
  • Rental Income (Current or Potential)
  • Compliance topics: encumbrances, tenants, pool safety, electrical safety switches, smoke alarms and neighbourhood disputes
  • Other encumbrances on the property that are not listed on the title search
  • Statutory charges registered against the land (for e.g. local authority works or unpaid land tax)
  • Current rates (council rates, water rates)
  • Body corporate expenses and information (sinking fund and admin fund)
  • Shared facilities
  • Restrictions on pets
  • Find date and time for next appointment: Listing Presentation

Actions Seller

  • At this point you could engage a solicitor, however this is not a requirement during the early stages of the sale process.

At the agency

  • Do further research on the property, the surroundings/area and the market
  • Conduct an appraisal with the help of a comparable market analysis
  • We prepare the marketing presentation and create a marketing concept
  • Prepare the PO 6 Form (Appointment of a property agent) and the marketing plan

Forms and documents

  • consent to receive electronic communication form