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First Contact

Information to exchange

  • The legal owner
  • Contact details
  • The reason for selling
  • Urgency of the sale
  • Is the property currently listed with another agent
  • Type of property: vacant land, house, duplex, unit, townhouse, lot in a community title scheme
  • Details of the property: address, room details, size, car parks and features (e.g. pool, deck)
  • Tenanted or owner occupied
  • Rental income
  • Price expectations
  • Find date and time for next appointment: first meeting and inspection at the property

Forms and documents

  • Nothing at this stage

Actions Seller

  • Think about the exclusions and inclusions of the furniture
  • Think about if you wanna make some furniture available to purchase (which ones and the price)

At the agency

  • Data gets entered into the agency’s system (Customer Relations Management System)
  • Conduct a title search to verify the ownership and to get more information about the property
  • Searching for other facts and details about the property, for e.g. zoning plan, site report, material facts affecting the property, surroundings…
  • Do more research on the (potential) rental income, (is the rent currently over or under market level)