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Searching for the right property

good to know

  • Make clear to yourself, what you are looking for and what your budget is.
  • Often times it is really helpful, to write down, what you want and don’t want. You can split it up into four categories for example: Must have (e.g. ocean view); Would be nice (e.g. granny flat); do not need it (e.g. pool); do not want it (e.g. huge garden)

  • On online portals like, you can now search for your preferences (for example: ocean view) and indicate your price range. It is also helpful to talk to different brokers and tell them, what you are looking for.

Actions you might want to take

  • In case, you need a loan to purchase a property, it is often times helpful to speak to your bank or to your mortgage broker first, in order to get a feeling for, on how much they would lend you to purchase a property (watch video with mortgage broker)
  • In case you have pets and you want to purchase a unit in a complex for example, you should always check if there are certain rules.

Information to exchange

  • If you are really interested in a property, the agency can send you the sales contract for the property and you can make an offer on the property in the next step.