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Making an offer

Information to exchange

We will send you and email, asking for your details for the offer. When we filled those into the contract we will send it to you to sign.

As soon as we received the signed contract, you made an official offer on the property.

In case there are multiple offers on the property, we will provide you with a multiple offers notice. You then have the chance to “improve/increase” your offer. The seller or the agency, usually tells all the bidders, until when they make a decision on the best offer.

In case the subject property is a house, you have to sign the: 

  • Contract for residential houses and residential land,

In case the subject property is a unit, townhouse or a lot in a community title scheme, you have to sign the: 

  • Contract for lots in a community title scheme + Disclosure statement (units, townhouses or a lot in a community titles scheme)

Actions you might want to take

  • In case, you need a loan to finance a property, it is recommended to talked to your lender (bank or mortgage broker) first before putting in an offer, to see, how likely it is for you to get a loan and the amount you can finance.
  • You should also talk to your solicitor, and discuss with them certain terms, that you want to have included in the contract (for e.g. subject to finance, building and pest control or other special conditions)